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About Sensation - Natural Soy Wax Candles seller

We are located in Bangkok, Thailand,

Sensation was founded with a vision to provide organic-handcrafted lifestyle products with the best natural quality and luxury along together. At sensation, our product has made from 100% organic ingredient with a wide range of quality hand poured soy candles for all types of occasions. All of them are non-chemical, do not release toxins to the atmosphere and give you the soothing feel without harming your health.



Our product was not just only used for decoration. We're confident that they are the best quality that we could make it, cause we've been using our own product in our daily life as well, honestly. That's the reason for the name SENSATION, it's everything you could have smells, heard, see, and the best part is you could not only touch but feels in every single way that human's sense could have done.


As we are aware that your confidence in our brand won’t just happen overnight, we are pleased to say that everyone who has shopped at Sensation so far has been satisfied by our fantastic collection, excellent customer service delivery and our attention to detail. We firmly believe that the relationship between you and our products will be like love at first sight. You will become enamored of our service after using it the first time. With SENSATION, you will only get positive experiences as we have the money back guaranteed even you send us the empty container!

About our guaranteed please read the policy here 

About Sensation - Natural Soy Wax Candles


All of our product and process including ingredients totally made from nature which is no harm to your health or even your beloved baby.  Our wooden wick on the soy wax candles adhered together vertically down the center of the wick with a non-toxic process. Provides a robust crackle sound burn in the gorgeous vertical flames. Also, any our soap bar has made from natural ingredients combined with only medical vitamins grade. As we care about contamination, the production process is from our handcrafted. We did and we use it as well, you can be sure to use it with 100% body-safe. You might think we're ruining nature by using enormous trees. But in fact, every $100 of your spend on our product, we plant a tree through TREES FOR THE FUTURE. You've helped us plant more than 50,000 trees to dates! You can learn more about our process here.

About Sensation - Natural Soy Wax Candles
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