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Starting with our main raw material, we use 100% pure organic soy wax from the local farmer which could be used for cooking! yes, you didn’t read it wrong. But wait.. this doesn’t mean you can use the candle for cooking.

Pure Soy Wax-3.png

After we’ve got our soy wax, the next important material is organic essentials oil. We have our special recipe of each smell selected which has skin safe test certificate. Not like the low-quality essentials oil that could cause allergic to your beautiful skin. Every our candle has mixed from any types of organic oil for the best smell and sense we intended to be.

Pure Soy Wax-4.png

Instead of using a general cotton wick, we chose to use the wooden wick for the best experience and atmosphere. If you wonder why or what is the difference between them, we gonna tell you now. The main and the most benefit for using wooden wick is they burn cleaner than the cotton wick, so you don’t need to worry about the toxin if you’re a candle lover and want to light it almost all the time!

The benefit of the wooden wick wasn’t just like up above, they are creating a modern appeal, and offer an intriguing visual aesthetic along with the light crackling sound which will make you feels more relax and warmer. Our wooden wick adhered vertically down the center together with a non-toxic process.

Being eco-friendly is at the core of who we are, all the wood used for our wicks is sourced from Forest Stewardship Council Certified Mills. You might think we're ruining nature by using enormous trees. But in fact, every $100 of your spend on our product, we plant a tree through TREES FOR THE FUTURE. You've helped us plant more than 50,000 trees to dates!

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